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What We Offer Is Self Storage Options in Placerville, CA

All Steel Ocean Containers are a great alternative to conventional storage.  The units are solid and strong and engineered to take the toughest of condtions.  The containters are constructed to be air and water tight and are typically sealed to prevent insects or other critters from accessing. We offer these containers for sale or you can rent the storage space here at our facility.   

We offer moving boxes and supplies.  In addition to that have wood crates in a variety of sizes for being able to crate up your larger heavier items and have them either stored at our facility or available to ship via conventional trucking.  We even have a fork lift on site to assist in loading.  Purchase one of our crates take it home, fill it up and bring it back.

Boat storage is a big part of our business and keeping those boats dry and sealed up durng the wet winter months is always an issue. We are now offering not  to our existing boat space rental customers the opportunity to have their boats wraped and sealed. We also can wrap and seal boats for customers who prefer to keep their boats at home.  

  • Convenient Freeway Location
  • Lowest Prices in the area.
  • Security cameras 
  • 7 day a week access
  • Night watchman on site. 
  • Portable Storage 
  • Friendly office staff
  • Moving Truck Rental assistance

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Current inventory of Ocean Containers for sale:

8x20' One Trip (New)  


Exceptional Quality on these all steel ocean containers.  They were new and were filled with cargo & sent here to the USA.  Little to no

defects. Shipping to your property via an outside shipping carrier.

8x40' High Cube Air-Water Tight


Huge Storage space for a cheap price!  Typically these 40' units with 9' ceilings sell for little more than the 8x20'.  Incredible amount of solid steel storage.  Shipping these can be difficult.  Call for freight options.

8x20 Air -Water tight-No Paint


Used Ocean Containers that are cheap, but wind and water tight.

Buy them cheap and fix them up!

Shipping to your property is available via an outside shipping carrier.

 Moving Supplies – 530-626-1000

Container Upgrades

  • Paint
  • Windows 
  • Walls
  • Doors 
  • Floor type
  • Siding



We will bring the container to you!

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